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Student Services Newsletter – December

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Academic Honesty & Academic Integrity
Academic honesty requires that persons do not falsely claim credit for the ideas, writing or other intellectual property of others, either by presenting such works as their own or through impersonation. Similarly, academic honesty requires that persons do not cheat (attempt to gain an improper advantage in an academic evaluation), nor attempt or actually alter, suppress, falsify or fabricate any research data or results, official academic record, application or document. To view Senate policy on academic honesty, visit York University has developed a Web site dedicated to academic integrity, including resources for students and an online tutorial. For more information, visit

Fall Term Final Grades
Grades will be released incrementally to the students’ on-line grade reports and transcripts as soon as they are uploaded onto the system. Because grades will be submitted on a rolling basis, students do not need to contact instructors about grades which do not appear for some courses while others are available. Students should wait until middle of January before inquiring about their final grades. On Tuesday, January 26, (blank) NGR will be converted to “F” NGR indicating a failure in the course. If students receive a failure grade due to a missing grade, they should contact their instructor(s) as soon as possible after this date.

Online Course Evaluations
Online course evaluations for Fall term courses are available to students until December 9. To provide feedback on your course directors, visit

Practicum Reports
Practicum reports are not to be faxed/sent to the Practicum Office. Please tell all your TCs that it is their responsibility to get a copy of the report from the MT (York is no longer keeping them). Please inform your MTs to send their reports to you directly (electronically or to your site Fax #). Reports should not be housed at the site for any longer than this school year.

Tax Forms
Information related to tax forms for income tax purposes can be found online at

Facebook and Twitter
The Office of the Registrar and Student Financial Services has now created a presence on Facebook and Twitter. To view the Facebook Fan Page at The fan page is open to the public and you may view it even if you are not a registered Facebook user. If you are a Facebook user, become a “fan” and get regular updates about upcoming deadlines, events and general information regarding registrarial topics. The Facebook fan page posts also automatically update a Twitter page with “tweets” that you may follow. The Twitter link is at

Concurrent BEd Stop-Out Requests
Teacher candidates who are planning to take a Stop-Out year need to complete and submit a before April 30.

Concurrent BEd Change of Major/Program
The form must be submitted by April 30, for any teacher candidates who wish to change certification levels or teaching subjects. Once the fall/winter enrolment period begins, the Faculty of Education will not allow any changes of major until the following session. Any changes made after submitting your practicum placement request form may delay your placement in schools.

Concurrent BEd ED3 P/J and J/I 1.5 Courses
PRIJ 3031 1.5 Section A – F 8:30 am (MC 157A) Sept.11-Oct.23
PRIJ 3032 1.5 Section A – F 8:30 am (TM 316) Oct.30-Dec.4
PRIJ 3033 3.0 Section M – F 8:30 am (MC 050A) Jan.8-Apr.5
PRIJ 3032 1.5 Section B – F 8:30 am (TM 316) Sept.11-Oct.23
PRIJ 3031 1.5 Section B – F 8:30 am (MC 157A) Oct.30-Dec.4
PRIJ 3033 3.0 Section N – F 8:30 am (MC 050B) Jan.8-Apr.5
PRIJ 3033 3.0 Section A – F 8:30 am (MC 050A) Sept.11-Dec.4
PRIJ 3032 1.5 Section M – F 8:30 am (TM 316) Jan.8-Feb.12
PRIJ 3031 1.5 Section M – F 8:30 am (MC 157A) Feb.26-Apr.5
PRIJ 3033 3.0 Section G – F 9:00 am (YH-B211) Sept.11-Dec.4
PRIJ 3031 1.5 Section G – F 9:00 am (YH-B211) Jan.8-Feb.12
PRIJ 3032 1.5 Section G – F 9:00 am (YH-B211) Feb.26-Apr.5
JICO 3023 3.0 Section A – T 2:30 pm (MC 050B) Sept.11-Dec.4
JICO 3022 1.5 Section A – M 8:30 am (SC-222) Jan.4-Feb.8
JICO 3021 1.5 Section A – M 8:30 am (MC 157A) Feb.22-Mar.29