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Student Services Newsletter – September

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Check Your Enrolment
Every student should confirm with their Course Directors that their names appear on the official classlist. If your name does not appear on the official classlist, it means either you did not successfully enrol in the course or you are attending the wrong section for the course. If you did not enrol in the course, then you did not pay tuition for the credits and you will not receive a final grade for the coursework. If you did enrol in the course but are attending the wrong section, your final grade will be submitted by the Course Director for the section your name does appear on the classlist. Because you were absent from attending the course section your should have attended, you will receive a failure grade. The Course Director for the section you were attending cannot submit your final grade. You should not approach an instructor for an Education elective that is full to grant you permission to enrol. Students follow the elective waitlist priority process which grants permission first to ED3 students who require the credits to graduate.

Requesting a Letter
To request a letter for enrolment verification and RESPs, visit the Registrar’s Office web site You can request a customized confirmation letter to prove you are enrolled to your insurance company or bank.

EDUC 3000/3000A
The Teaching Religious Education can be taken for credits which may be counted towards a teacher candidates undergraduate degree as EDUC 3000 3.0 or can be taken as non-credit and therefore no tuition fees apply as EDUC 3000A 3.0. The course is for any teacher candidate who would like to teach in Catholic schools. This course is NOT an Education elective. To apply to have the credits for this course counted towards your home faculty, please complete the Extraneous Courses Form which can be found in 128 Winters College during regular office hours.

Police Record Check
It’s really a Board of Education requirement and not managed by York University. We have been told that if you have a Peel placement and do not have a completed check (from Toronto Police Services), you can request a check to be done by Peel police. If you are a Toronto resident with a TDSB placement, we have been told that they will accept a regular police check (not vulnerable sector) plus proof of payment for a vulnerable sector check as an interim solution. Ultimately it will be up to the principal at your host school to decide if you can attend your practicum.

October Convocation
The ceremony for the Faculty of Education is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13 at 10:30 am. Robing begins at 8:30 am in the Player’s Lounge of the Rexall Centre. Because the ceremony is smaller in the fall than in the summer, all graduands will receive up to three (3) guest tickets. There will be approximately 600 additional tickets for each ceremony available to our graduating students (a limit of two additional) at the box office two hours prior to the ceremony start time. For further details, including how your name will appear on your diploma, visit the convocation web site at Students should submit their OCT registration number to 128 Winters College before they graduate so that the Faculty of Education can forward their recommendation to OCT. Students are responsible for arranging for their official post-secondary transcripts to be sent to OCT. The Faculty of Education will not send transcripts on the student’s behalf.

Averages and Decisions
Students were able to see their averages and decisions released to the web and transcripts starting Wednesday, September 8. Late (blank) grades have the qualifier NGR (No Grade Reported) added to the student record. On Tuesday, September 14, any grades still unreported will automatically be converted to “F” NGR. Concurrent students are “ineligible to continue in the Faculty of Education” when the grade point average in the co-registered Faculty drops below 5.0 or a grade of less than C+ is received in any education course. Enrolment in the Faculty of Education will then be blocked and the practicum placement may be cancelled. If you have already enrolled in Education courses for Fall/Winter, you will automatically be de-enrolled.

PRAC 4000 Enrolment
Staff-assisted enrolment for the assigned PRAC 4000 ED2/ED3 practicum seminar is in progress and will be completed over the next couple of weeks. Students should attend seminars for which they are registered to ensure they receive a final grade by the course director who has the students’ names on his/her classlist.

Religious Observation
York University is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all members of the community, and making accommodations for observances of special significance to adherents. Every effort will be made to avoid scheduling in-class or formal examinations on days of special religious significance throughout the year. Students will be informed by their course directors of procedures for requesting and arranging accommodations so that they may complete the requirements for the course on days that do not conflict with their religious observances.

Student Fees
All fall and full year term courses are due on September 10, 2010. If you have incurred any other charges such as residence or meal plan etc, they are also due September 10, 2010. For details on statements, visit Information about student fees is available online on the Student Financial Services Web site at

Final Date to Enrol
The final date to enrol for concurrent and part-time consecutive teacher candidates in F and Y term courses is September 26 without permission of the course instructor. Special permission of the instructor is required for enrolment in F term courses after that date and before October 8. For more information on add/drop dates, visit

FD Term Dates for P/J and J/I ED3 1.5 Courses
Please note that all P/J and J/I ED3 concurrent and part-time consecutive teacher candidates must take quarter courses which run for only half the fall or winter term. Two P/J course sections are offered in the FD term (PRIJ 3031 sections A and B) and they will begin September 13 and run until October 29. Term dates for concurrent and part-time consecutive teacher candidates can be viewed at Details on the quarter courses were posted on an earlier blog. To read the information, visit

Education Resource Centre
The Education Resource Centre, located in Tel 3144, is in the midst of a library system merger with the York main library. The plan is to go live mid September 2010 — the exact date will be announced. The login process for using the computers in the ERC has changed to Microsoft Active Directory — using the Outlook e-mail login will allow you to use the computer. Printing at the ERC for students is centralized through the campus YU student card, where students load credit (see and swipe their card at the print station set up recently in the ERC computer lab. Instructions will posted at the station. The ERC will be closed for regular access until the system change is completed.