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Student Services Newsletter – June

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

June 2011 Convocation
All concurrent and consecutive students should submit their Ontario College Teachers (OCT) registration number to the Faculty of Education in order for us to send your recommendation to OCT following convocation. Students must send their transcripts to OCT themselves. The Faculty of Education’s ceremonies are scheduled for Friday, June 17. For more information, visit For details on the recipients of the honorary degrees to be awarded at spring convocation, visit

OCT Tutorial Video for New Applicants
The College now has a registration tutorial video offering helpful tips and advice to those applying online to become an Ontario certified teacher. Presented by College Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Michael Salvatori, OCT, the 10-minute video provides a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply online and outlines the materials required for the application.

OCT Resources Online
Visit the College’s Margaret Wilson Library in person or online for access to extensive materials on a variety of topics that can assist with your AQ studies. Members can electronically access EBSCO, the world’s foremost research database offering premium content in any subject area, such as classroom management, leadership, learning styles and English as a Second Language. Log in to the Members’ Area to access over 8,000 full-text journals, 700 full-text newspapers and 317,000 full-text education documents. By creating an account with EBSCO you can receive alerts for new journal issues. To find out more about the library or to access materials from anywhere in Canada, visit or email:

New Education Elective
Education students can count Pedagogy of the Land EDUC 2300 3.00 towards satisfying their Education elective requirement. The course will be offered for the first time in Fall 2011.

Fall/Winter Elective Waitlist
Education students who are interested in taking electives but have not succeeded in enrolling can now complete the Elective Waitlist form. This form will be available in the next two weeks on the Sharepoint at You can find the link under forms. Please use your outlook email and password to access the Sharepoint link. Please note that you cannot add your name to the waitlist for Fall/Winter 2011-2012 elective courses since student enrolment has not yet started. You should try to enrol yourself in the course when your enrolment date occurs. Once enrolment begins and courses are full, then students can add their names to an elective waitlist. Please note that Teaching Religious Education EDUC 3000/EDUC 3000A course does not count as an Education elective.

Time Change for Teaching Religious Education
The teaching subject RELS 3041 3.00 and RELS 3051 6.00 will no longer be offered on Mondays at 2:30 pm. The teaching subject has been changed to the 11:30 am timeslot. Students must drop the cancelled section and add Section B by end of June or they will be de-enrolled.

Summer Hours
Beginning June 1, 2011, the normal work day at York University will be reduced by one hour every Friday during the period from June 1, 2011, to September 5, 2011 (Labour Day). Please be advised that the offices will be closed on July 1, 2011 (Canada Day) and August 2, 2010 (Civic Holiday).

Online Course Evaluations
Students taking summer courses will be sent an email regarding online course evaluations Course evaluations are also used for tenure and promotion purposes. Please take a few minutes to complete the brief course evaluation questionnaire. The process is entirely confidential. Following the submission of final grades, course evaluation results and comments are forwarded anonymously to the instructor. To access the online course evaluations, visit

Practicum Evaluations
All TCs should keep a copy of their final practicum reports in their personal files. Before the end of this academic year, TCs should ensure they have the reports from their mentor teachers. The Faculty of Education we will not be keeping these on file.

PRAC 4000
Concurrent and Part-time BEd teacher candidates cannot enrol in their practicum seminar PRAC 4000. Students will be enrolled into seminars which correspond with their placements once placements are finalized in August. All ED2 and ED3 teacher candidates will meet with their seminar leaders for the first time on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, at the mandatory orientation.

Mandatory ED3 Quarter Courses
Volunteers are needed to switch from Sections A and B of the Science & Technology quarter course to Section M in the winter term. This will not affect your timetable but will assist us with booking a classroom in Tait McKenzie which holds a slightly smaller number of students. For more details on Section M, refer to the Student Services Newsletter for May

I/S Teaching Subjects
There is potential for conflicts or repetition in choosing similar teaching subjects, such as ones that fall under the business, computer studies or economics, geography, environmental science and science category. Although you may select these combinations, we would like to advise you that you may have the same course director and same course outline for both teaching subject classes. Some of the above subjects (e.g. business studies), depending on numbers, may only be available through independent study courses. When selecting your two teaching subjects, candidates should note the academic requirements for each subject and the prerequisites for curriculum and instruction courses. For the intermediate/senior program a minimum of 24 credits (four full university courses) in the subject area must be taken in order to register in the teaching subject curriculum and instruction course. A candidate requires a minimum of 36 credits (six full university courses) in one teaching subject area and 24 credits (four full university courses) in the other area to graduate.

Pattern of Study
To view the Concurrent and Part-Time Consecutive BEd curriculum, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar at .

International Education Specialization
Students in the Concurrent Education program are now able to take a Specialized Option in International Education as a part of their degree program. In order to qualify for this specialization, students must complete elective courses that have an international focus, an international learning opportunity through York University (including an internship, exchange program, or other international teaching-based program), a minimum of 32 hours of co-curricular experience with an international focus. Full details can be found on the application form. Students who complete all of the requirements and submit their application form on time will receive an additional transcript notation, acknowledging their completion of the specialization option in International Education. To download the appropriate application form, current students can visit Sharepoint at> and look under “Specialization Option in International Education”.

Professional Development in International Education
Pre-service and graduating students can now take part in a professional development program. This five-day professional development program is designed for educators and others who are interested in teaching internationally, or for those who would like to gain a greater understanding of elementary, secondary and adult education in a global context. Throughout the program, education will be explored through the lens of both international development and global economic competition. The program will help participants gain insight into education, as well as to gain a better understanding of themselves as educators so that they can make informed decisions and explore both the challenges and joys of working in Education outside of Canada. Certificate of completion from the Faculty of Education will be provided to successful participants at the end of the program. Please check online for the next session dates. Find details online at

Learning Skills Services
Throughout the summer term, Learning Skills Services will be offering selected workshops at the Scott Library in the areas of-Time Management, Reading and Note Taking, Exam Preparation, and Critical Thinking. Please note that all summer workshops will be located in the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL), Screening Room 124, Scott Library. Students can register for these workshops on-line at