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Student Services Newsletter – September

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Cornerstone Leadership in Action Award
The Faculty of Education is still accepting applications for this award, which is awarded to an ED2 teacher candidate in the Concurrent BEd. The value of the award is approximately $2,000. A nominator’s letter (250-500 words) and a sample of the nominee’s work should be submitted to 128 Winters College. For more details on this award, visit Applications are due Monday, September 26, 2011, by 4:00pm in Winters College 128.

PRAC 4000
Staff-assisted enrolment for ED2 and ED3 PRAC 4000 enrolment should be completed by September 26, 2011. All students should check to see if they are enrolled in the proper section for their PRAC 4000 seminar course. If there is a discrepancy, please visit the Practicum Office in 108 Winters College. You will not receive a passing grade at the end of the year if you are attending the wrong section.

Room Change for PRIJ 3032 section G
Please note that PRIJ 3032 Health & Physical Education in P/J Division section G (period code WE) has been moved to Keele campus because appropriate equipment and facilities were not available at the Glendon campus. This course runs from February 14 to April 2 on Fridays 9 am to 12 pm noon. The classes will take place in Tait 316 and the upper gym. Please contact the instructor, Lindsay LaMorre for details on where to meet for the first class.

Sessional Dates
The last date to enrol without permission of the course director was September 20. The last to enrol with instructor’s permission is October 4. For more information on sessional dates, visit

Ad Hoc Advising at Glendon
The Director, Student Services, Grase Kim will be at Glendon in YH 245 on September 28, 2011, from 3 pm to 4 pm for any current Direct Entry, Concurrent or Part-Time Consecutive students for the BEd (French) program option. Students can come for drop-in advising.

Winter Electives
There are a few spaces remaining in Education electives for the winter term. Students in their first year of their BEd are able to take an Education elective in the winter term, if they wish. For students interested in enrolling in a winter elective, please contact Teresa Boyle at

EDUC 3000, EDUC 3000A and EDUC 3310
Please note that EDUC 3000, EDUC 3000A and EDUC 3310 are not counted as electives towards the BEd. The course Teaching Religious Education can be taken either for no fee and no credit (EDUC 3000A) or for tuition fee and university credit towards your undergraduate degree (EDUC 3000). Please consult with your home faculty to confirm that this course will be counted towards your undergraduate degree. The course EDUC 3310 The Adolescent and the Teacher is a required course for all ED1 teacher candidates in the intermediate/Senior division.

YorkFest 2011
The York Federation of Students is hosting YorkFest 2011 from September 19-25. On Wednesday, September 21, a free BBQ will take place at 10 am on the Campus Walk & Vanier Field. Your YU card will be required. On Thursday, September 22, the YorkFest Pub Night will start at 10 pm in the Underground. On Friday, September 23, Medieval Times starts at 7 pm at Exhibition Place. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the YFS Members Services Office (room 106 Student Centre). This includes dinner and a show. On Saturday, September 24, the York Lions Football Team play against the Queen’s Gaels from 1 pm to 5 pm at the York Stadium.

Ontario Election
The Ontario election will be held on October 6. A number of provisions have been put in place by Elections Ontario to enable all university students who wish to do so to cast their ballots in the election, including allowing students to vote in either their local riding where they reside during their school year or in their home riding, creating “special ballots” for students to request the opportunity to vote in person or by mail during the month prior to the election, and extending advance polls (September 21 to September 30). Please note that advance polls for the York West riding will be held on campus on September 28 and 29. For more information about voting options for post-secondary students, visit

YU Connect
Student Community & Leadership Development has worked with student groups to launch a new one-stop platform call YU Connect. This web site helps students learn about the many student clubs as well as other opportunities to get involved on campus.