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Student Services Newsletter – March 2013

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

President for a Day
Congratulations to David Mayer, one of our Consecutive  BEd teacher candidates and a graduate of Kinesiology & Health Studies  who won  York’s President for a Day contest.   On February 26, David swapped roles with President Shoukri.

For further details see York U – Yfile  at

Tax Forms
Income tax forms T2202a and T4a for 2012  are available online through York University’s Office of Student Financial Services web site at

Makeup Group Advising  Sessions  – March 13 and 14, 2013
Any Concurrent and Part-Time Consecutive teacher candidates who were unable to attend any of the group advising sessions in February should attend a make-up advising session in March in McLaughlin College Rm 050C the week of March 11, 2013 .  No registration required.    If you are in your last year of Education (ED3) you do not need to attend.

ED 1 Teacher Candidates heading into ED 2  – all certification levels

  • Wednesday, March 13 in MC 050C from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Thursday, March 14, in MC 050C from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

ED 2 Teacher Candidates heading into Ed 3 – all certification levels

  • Wednesday, March 13 in MC 050C from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Thursday, March 14, in MC 050C from 2:00 am to 4:00 pm

Marc Powell – Assessor/Advisor, BEd Student Services,  and Teresa Boyle, Student Programs Assistant/Assessor, BEd Student Services will be your advisors at the session.

Concurrent Students
ED/EDUC 3310  The Adolescent and the Teacher  – Not an elective course
The Adolescent and the Teacher is not an elective course.  It’s a required course for Intermediate/Senior teacher candidates and optional for Junior/Intermediate candidates as they can also enroll in ED/CMYR Human Development.

Summer Enrolment – Electives
Not all Education electives will appear in the university’s summer lecture schedule because of unique term dates.  Please consult your advising package distributed at the February group advising sessions or those students attending the March sessions, for further information.

Summer Education Elective Waitlist
Priority is given to teacher candidates going into their ED3 year, who need the credits to graduate. First priority on the waitlist is granted to ED2 students going into ED3 who have zero credits towards their elective requirement. Next we consider ED2 students going into ED3 who have 3 credits and then we consider students going into ED3 with 6 credits. This means, that your priority on the waitlist will drop as you are able to successfully enrol in Education electives. For example, if you are going into ED3 but already are enrolled in two electives and you wish to enrol in a third course, you need to understand that we would want to accommodate ED2 teacher candidates going into ED3 with zero or three credits towards their elective requirement over you who has 6 credits.  The elective waitlist will be available  end of March.

June Convocation
Graduating BEd students should view the information on the university’s convocation Web site for details regarding the ceremony and diploma services. Only Concurrent BEd students need to apply to graduate online using the convocation Web site:  If any Full-Time or Part-Time Consecutive BEd students have already completed the online application, the information will be accepted; however, the Faculty of Education will mount the application to graduate for every consecutive student so it is not necessary for them to complete the application.

The Faculty of Education convocation ceremonies will occur on Friday, June 14, 2013.
The convocation Web site can be found at

Faculty of Education I   – Ceremony  #11  at 10:30 pm

  • Full-time Consecutive

Faculty of Education II   – Ceremony  #12  at 3:30 pm

  • Concurrent BEd,
  • Part time – Consecutive
  • Diploma in the Education of  Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Graduating BEd students 2013 – Recommendation to OCT
All concurrent and part time consecutive graduating students for June 2013 convocation should submit their Ontario College Teachers (OCT) registration number by June 1, 2013, to the Faculty of Education. The online form is available through the Faculty of Education SharePoint Site at Log into Student SharePoint, select Undergraduate, then select OCT Registration Number Submission. This will require logging into Passport York.

Transcripts to OCT
Graduating BEd teacher candidates will need to make arrangements themselves to order all post-secondary transcripts to be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers. When ordering transcripts, please indicate that you wish for your York University transcript to be sent upon degree completion. Your transcripts must indicate your Bachelor of Education degree has been conferred. This means your transcripts should not be sent until after the June convocation.

2013 New Grad Additional Qualification Program
Open to all 2013 graduating teacher candidates, the New B.Ed. Grad AQ Program has been designed to explore topics unique to a new teacher. There is a choice of two sessions: May 27 to June 10 or June 3 to 18, 2013 and 44 hours of online. Final assignments are due July 31, 2013.  Courses offered at York and in the GTA include ESL Part 1, FSL Part !, Intermediate Basic Dramatic Arts and Special Education Part 1.  Registration closes May 10, 2013.  For more details, see:

This certificate program offers four practical and experiential arts workshops that help teacher candidates and new teachers discover ways in which drama, dance, visual arts and music contribute to literacy development and student achievement. Workshops run Saturdays (9am-2pm): March 23 and April 6, 13, 20, 2013 at York University, McLaughlin College 157A&B.  Registration closes March 20, 2013.  For more details, see:

Accepting Applications to the DHH Post-Graduate Diploma
The teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program is offered by the Faculty of Education at York University. The Full time program is offered face-to-face for one academic year.  Part time candidates may access the program online or face to face over a 3 year period.   Entry requirements are:  Bachelor of education degree, membership in OCT and 2 courses in American Sign Language. All candidates must complete a residency requirement consisting of face-to-face attendance during the last week of August. Part-time candidates complete this requirement in their first or second year of the program. Additionally, all candidates complete 2-month long practicum. This program is offered tuition free by the Ministry of Education. Applications for full and part time programs are due March 15.

For more information about the program, visit

 Preparing to Teach Internationally
Non-credit professional development course that you can take NOW in order to help you make informed decisions about teaching in international locations.

  • You can take this course before you graduate, and it is also open to other university students from York and beyond, as well as to practicing      teachers.
  • For details and to register:
  • You will earn a professional development certificate for completing all aspects of this course!

Internationalizing Your Curriculum

A non-credit professional development course that you can take NOW in order to explore how to bring the world into your classroom.

  • Open to pre-service and practicing teachers!
  • You will earn a professional development certificate for completing all aspects of this course!

Concurrent Students
Remember that you can Specialize in International Education in your BEd degree!

Follow International Education online: •