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Student Services Newsletter – April 2014

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Graduating this June

Collection of OCT registration numbers – Deadline June 1, 2014
All concurrent, full time and  part time consecutive graduating students for June 2014 convocation should submit their Ontario College Teachers (OCT) registration number by

June 1, 2014 to the Faculty of Education.  The online form is available through the Faculty of Education SharePoint Site at Log into Student SharePoint, select Undergraduate, then select OCT Registration Number Submission. This will require logging into Passport York.

In order for the BEd Student Services Office to send your recommendation, we require the OCT registration number for each graduating teacher candidate. To apply for OCT membership visit:, select Members and then Create an Account.

Please to be note to be recommended to OCT  Teacher Candidates must have paid off all debts to York University by mid June 2014.

Transcripts to OCT
Graduating BEd teacher candidates will need to make arrangements themselves to order all post-secondary transcripts to be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers. When ordering transcripts, please indicate that you wish for your York University transcript to be sent upon degree completion. Your transcripts must indicate your Bachelor of Education degree has been conferred. This means your transcripts should not be sent until after the June convocation. The Faculty of Education will only send your recommendation to OCT following convocation. Transcripts ordered by the student and the recommendation sent by the Faculty of Education are required for certification. For more information, visit

June Convocation
Graduating BEd students should view the information on the university’s convocation Web site for details regarding the ceremony and diploma services. Only Concurrent BEd students need to apply to graduate online using the convocation Web site:  If any Full-Time or Part-Time Consecutive BEd students have already completed the online application, the information will be accepted; however, the Faculty of Education will mount the application to graduate for every consecutive student so it is not necessary for them to complete the application.

The Faculty of Education convocation ceremonies will occur on Thursday, June 19, 2014.
The convocation Web site can be found at

Faculty of Education I   – Ceremony  #9  at 10:30 am (arrive at 8:30am)

  • Full-time      Consecutive

Faculty of Education II   – Ceremony  #10  at 3:30 pm (arrive at 1:30am)

  • Concurrent BEd,
  • Part time –      Consecutive
  • Diploma in the      Education of  Deaf and      Hard-of-Hearing Students

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Criminal Record Checks
Applies to School Placements – September 2014

As of September 2014, the TDSB will require any student teachers to complete their criminal record check that includes the Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS), and also the Mental Health Act search.

We are attaching a copy of the memo from the TDSB. We are asking that all York Teacher Candidates complete this screening, for two reasons:      1. In case your final school placement is located in the TDSB and 2. We are unsure if other school boards will also change their requirements to this same standard in the coming months. It also seems as though some Police Services may be including this additional search in the Vulnerable Sector Screening, so please confirm if you are completing your criminal record check with a police force outside Toronto.

With the extended period of time required for the completion of criminal record checks, we would like to ensure that all of our students are able to enter their placements on time, and without a detriment to their completion of program requirements.

If you have already come to the Practicum Office to pick up your document prior to submitting it to the Toronto Police, only the VSS option was selected. You will need to come back in order to obtain an updated form that requests both of these screenings to be completed.

If you have any concerns about the Mental Health Act search, please contact Toronto Police Services.

This is not a change that is being made by the Faculty of Education, but a new policy from the school board. Teacher Candidates without complete documentation will be denied entry into his/her placement school.

We will be putting out this information in various forms (Facebook, Twitter) to ensure that students receive it. Please alert your friends/classmates who are also registered in the Bachelor of Education program, to ensure that they are also aware of this change.

Reminder:  2014 New Grad AQ Program
The New B.Ed. Grad AQ Program offers York graduating teacher candidates a set of AQs that have been designed to explore and answer questions that may be unique to new teachers. Courses are offered in May/June, 2014.  For information and to register:

Follow International Education online: •

Individual Advising
During the months of April the Office of Student Services will be  offering three days of individual advising –  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am to  12noon and 2 pm to 4pm.  To book an appointment visit Student SharePoint/Undergraduate Home/ Announcements

Summer Education Elective Waitlist – Reminder
Priority is given to teacher candidates going into their ED3 year, who need the credits to graduate. First priority on the waitlist is granted to ED2 students going into ED3 who have zero credits towards their elective requirement. Next we consider ED2 students going into ED3 who have 3 credits and then we consider students going into ED3 with 6 credits. This means, that your priority on the waitlist will drop as you are able to successfully enrol in Education electives. For example, if you are going into ED3 but already are enrolled in two electives and you wish to enrol in a third course, you need to understand that we would want to accommodate ED2 teacher candidates going into ED3 with zero or three credits towards their elective requirement over you who has 6 credits.

The Summer Education Waitlist is available on the Student SharePoint

Awards & Scholarships
ETFO  – Scholarships and Awards available to Education students
The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) offers numerous scholarships and bursaries each year to students enrolled with a Faculty of Education program. Applications are available at     Deadline is April 30, 2014

Ontario College of Teachers – Scholarship Program
OCT offers awards to assist teacher candidates proceeding into their final year of a consecutive or concurrent teacher education program.  For further details and application visit:  .