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Student Services Newsletter September 2015

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

The Faculty of Education welcomes the new incoming Consecutive class this September.

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Concurrent & Part-Time Consecutive BEd TC’s – Wednesday, September 9th
It is mandatory to attend the Concurrent Section Meetings on Wednesday, September 9th.  Orientation information is posted on the MTRR (York U. Mentoring and Teaching Resource Room) at Login and select Select NEWS.

Please note: ED 2 and 3 Concurrent and Part Time Consecutive BEd students will be enrolled in their FW 2015-16 Practicum Placement (ED/PRAC 4000) the week of August 24, 2015.

Consecutive Education BEd – Monday, August 31st 10am – 1pm
It is mandatory to attend the orientation which will be held in Accolade Centre East (ACE) Rm 102.
York map:

Consecutive Education Section Meetings for EDPR 1000 will take place at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, September 8th and for EDPR2000 at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 8th. More information (room locations) is posted on the MTRR (York U. Mentoring and Teaching Resource Room) Select NEWS.   Please note: You will have your Community Practicum Section Meetings on September 8th, students will be choosing a Community Practicum placement from a variety of options in their EDPR1000 seminar. Please note, that many of our community partners may have orientation on September 9th and you are advised to keep that date available to connect with your community placement.

Faculty of Education Email System
All new and continuing Faculty of Education Teacher Candidates have an education email. It’s your   Your Faculty of Education email account is to be used for your professional email correspondence when taking classes to communicate with your instructors. There is a limit (quota) to the total space you are allowed to use (1Gb for most users). For reasons of efficiency you should try to keep your account tidy by deleting messages that you have read and moving messages you wish to keep out of your ‘inbox’. The maximum size of an individual message that can be sent from or delivered is 25Mb.

Before you begin, it is important that you make sure that your email username and password are synced to Passport York. The following steps will show you how to login to your email account for the very first time.

  1. Log into Manage My Services:
  2. Enter your Passport York Username and Password and select the check box “Click this box before logging in to change your Passport York password.”
  3. Enter your current Passport York password and new Passport York password
  4. Click “Change Password”
  5. Logout
  6. Your Education email password will be synchronized in 10 to 20 minutes.

If there are any issues, email or drop by 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday, 031 Winters College

EDU email – Consecutive TC’s
Consecutive Teacher Candidates have been given an EDU email account. Please see the instructions on how to create/access the email on and select Faculty of Education Email.

Criminal Background Check
All Teacher Candidates are required to hold a valid Criminal Background Check prior to entering placement.  This requirement is enforced by school boards who are safeguarding the children in their classrooms.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.   NO valid Criminal Background Check means NO PLACEMENT.

Are You on the Official Classlist? A teacher candidate will not receive a final grade for coursework if he/she is not listed on the official classlist. You should not attend classes for a section that is not the one listed on your student record. Because official classlists are used for submitting final grades, if you are listed on a classlist for one section but attending another, you will receive a failure grade because you did not submit assignments to the instructor for the section where your name appears on the classlist.

Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities York University is a place of research, teaching and learning where people value civility, diversity, equity, honesty and respect in their direct and indirect interactions with one another.   All York students have rights and responsibilities as outlined in the PDF document which can be found on the Office of Student Conflict Resolution web site at

Education elective date change
ED/EDUC 2400 Education as Communication section M (Winter session)
Education as Communication will not be offered on Mondays in the winter session as was posted in the lecture schedule.   It will be offered on Tuesday 8:30-11:30 during the winter session. If this course does not fit with your course schedule please email Teresa Boyle at to request a drop permission.

Religious Education: Teaching in Catholic Schools
Intended to introduce pre-service teacher candidates to professional practice and to extend knowledge and skills in the delivery of Ontario Catholic curriculum, this course answers the question, “What do I need to know to begin teaching in Ontario Catholic Schools?” Critical to the implementation of this course is the modeling of a positive learning environment that reflects care, professional knowledge, ethical practice, leadership and ongoing learning.

Who Should Attend
Any undergrad teacher candidate in the final year of education studies and interested in preparing to teach in Catholic schools.

NOTE: This course is open only to York University Faculty of Education undergraduate students. This course is not equivalent to the Religious Education, Part 1 additional qualification.

Course Format

  • 36 hours in length; 10 hours online & 26 in-class
  • Offered in the Fall and Winter sessions
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion

To Apply & Fees
For actual dates, locations and session offerings, search from the list of available courses. Note: offered in Fall and Winter sessions only. Course Fee (+ HST): $200 + $26 HST = $226.00

To apply online, visit our registration page at:

Apply for Continuing Education Student Awards
Deadline October 15
Awards and bursaries are available to Faculty of Education Teacher Candidates to assist with the cost of university tuition. All Teacher Candidates who feel they meet the criteria of academic excellence and financial need are encouraged to apply. The deadline is October 15th and requires students to complete Student Financial Profile.

Please note that the awards may require the following:

  • Specific to a teacher candidates York degree, teaching subjects and/or teaching level and year in the BEd program.
  • a nomination letter from a Faculty of Education instructor and a Personal Statement submitted by the TC addressing teaching promise.

More information on Student Awards visit:

Office of Education Student Services hours
Monday 10am – 4pm
Tuesday to Friday 9am – 4pm
In June, July and August office closes at 3:00pm on Fridays
Telephone: 416-736-5001