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June 2016 Student Service Newsletter

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Enrolment FW 2016 – Concurrent ED 2, ED 3 and Part Time Consecutive
Please note the following when enrolling in the education courses for FW 2016-17.

  • Courses not available to Concurrent and PT Consecutive students
    • Education courses coded as ED/EDFE, ED/EDJI, ED/EDPJ, ED/EDIS, ED/EDIN, ED/EDPR, are scheduled for the FW 2016 Consecutive students only.  As well, ED/EDST is reserved for students in the BA Educational Studies program.
  • Electives – Term code
    • Elective courses posted with Term F and W are for the Concurrent and Part Time Consecutive TC’s. Courses posted with Term 1 and 2 codes are for the Full Time Consecutive TC’s . After the Consecutive TC’s have completed their enrolment (early July) the Term 1 and 2 elective courses will be open Concurrent TC’s – pending spaces available.
  • Courses posted with section R are reserved for ED 3 Ryerson Concurrent BEd TC’s.

Reminder : FW 2016-17 Teachables for Concurrent TCs   – JI and IS Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior TCs heading into ED 3 are looking at a different enrolment schedule and course codes as they enrol in the teachable courses.  Teachable courses are no longer offered as ED/XXXX 3041 3.00 JI  or ED/XXXX 3051 6.00 I/S.   J/I’s  will be enrolling in ED/XXXX 3000 3.0 and I/S TC’s will be enrolling ED/XXXX  4000 3.00 and ED/XXXX 4001 3.00.  The courses are posted as Term 1 and 2 as they are taught with Consecutive/Concurrent BEd TC’s.

Teachable courses for the Fall Sessions (JI and IS) will begin on Friday, September 2nd through to November 25th. Teachable courses for the Winter session will begin on Tuesday, January 3rd and continue through to Friday, February 10th, 2017.

Junior/Intermediate – Fall enrolment only

  • ED/XXXX 3000 3.00 taught on Fridays.

Intermediate/Senior – Fall and Winter enrolment

  • ED/XXXX 4000 3.00 taught on Friday’s in the Fall
  • ED/XXXX 4001 3.00 taught on Tuesday and Fridays in the winter session and condensed into six weeks. ED/XXXX 4001 3.00 will end the week of February 6th, 2017.

PJ and JI ED 3 enrolment   Quarter Courses (i.e. 1.50 credit courses) in ED3
During the third year of the Bachelor of Education program, Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate teacher candidates’ course load will be partially comprised of Quarter courses. These do not follow York’s normal 3, 6 or 9 credit weight amounts. Instead, they are assigned 1.5 credit value and run a shorter time period during the academic session.

Teacher Candidates MUST enrol in one section of the appropriate course – PRIJ 3033 3.0 Teaching the Arts and Social Studies in the P/J Divisions OR JICO 3023 3.0 Teaching the Arts and Social Studies in the J/I Divisions. Teacher Candidates will also enrol in both corresponding quarter courses. Example:  PRIJ 3033 3.00 A  Term W  – corresponding quarter courses are taught in the Fall FD and FE.

Concurrent and Part-Consecutive students should refer to the advising packages given out at the winter/spring group advising sessions to view the course enrolment requirements.

Concurrent Education Orientation 2016-17
We are holding Orientation for Concurrent Teacher Candidates on September 7th from 2:30-4:30pm.  The location will be determined once we know how many people are attending so please follow the link below to complete your RSVP ASAP so we can make arrangements for your orientation.   The form can be found here:

ED 2 – Attendance is mandatory to provide key information for the upcoming year-long placement.
ED 3 – For ED3’s this is required for those returning from stop-out as there is new information and changes that you should be aware of.  For those ED3’s who completed their ED2 year in 2015-16 this is an optional session since you have already completed ED2 and the ED3 year is structured similarly.  But you are welcome to attend if you would like a refresher.   Your RSVP to this event is important so please RSVP as soon as possible.  It’ll only take a minute of your time.

ED/EDUC 1000 Rethinking Schooling: A “Re-Introduction” is not an elective course.  This course is offered to students admitted to the Pre-Education BEd Concurrent program.  

ED/EDUC 3760 Early & Family Literacy Is offered to teacher candidates enrolled in the Primary/Junior teaching level. TC’s in the Intermediate/Senior level should not enroll in the course.

Graduating this June 2016? Graduating BEd students should view the information on the university’s convocation Web site for details regarding the ceremony and diploma services. Only Concurrent BEd students need to apply to graduate online using the convocation Web site: If any Full-Time or Part-Time Consecutive BEd students have already completed the online application, the information will be accepted; however, the Faculty of Education will mount the application to graduate for every consecutive student so it is not necessary for them to complete the application.

The Faculty of Education convocation ceremonies will occur on Thursday, June 23, 2016. The convocation Web site can be found at

Recommendation to OCT
All BEd graduating students for June 2016 convocation should submit their Ontario College Teachers (OCT) registration number by June 22, 2016  to the Faculty of Education. The online form is available through the Faculty of Education SharePoint Site at Log into Student SharePoint, select Undergraduate, then select OCT Registration Number Submission. This will require logging into Passport York.  After June 22 Tc’s will need to email with the OCT registration number for the Faculty to recommend. IMPORTANT:  all fees owing to the university must be paid prior to the Faculty of Education sending a BEd graduates recommendation to OCT.

In order for the BEd Student Services Office to send your recommendation, we require the OCT registration number for each graduating teacher candidate. To apply for OCT membership visit:, select Members and then Create an Account.

Transcripts to OCT
Graduating BEd teacher candidates will need to make arrangements themselves to order all post-secondary transcripts to be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers. When ordering transcripts, please indicate that you wish for your York University transcript to be sent upon degree completion. Your transcripts must indicate your Bachelor of Education degree has been conferred. This means your transcripts should not be sent until after the June convocation. The Faculty of Education will only send your recommendation to OCT following convocation. Transcripts ordered by the student and the recommendation sent by the Faculty of Education are required for certification. For more information, visit

Ineligible to Continue
Any BEd student who has an overall GPA less than C+ (5.00) in their undergraduate degree or receives a grade of less than C+ in any Education course or receives a F grade in practicum is ineligible to continue or graduate. To petition to be reinstated, students must submit an academic petition to 128 Winters College. Concurrent BEd students’ petitions will only be considered if their GPA in their undergraduate meets the minimum 5.00 requirement. To petition for retroactive withdrawal for an Education course or to repeat a failed practicum, the student should explain the failure, what went wrong and why this will not occur next time. If you have any supporting letters from your practicum mentor teacher or seminar leader, you should also include this with your academic petition. If there are any medical reasons, you should also have the Attending Physician’s Statement completed. This form is part of the complete petitions package which can be found on the web site for the Registrar’s Office

Tackling marginalization and alienation in Ontario schools:
Free and open to all.  RSVP:
June 15, 2016 – 5:30-7:30pm
Room 3069, Technology Enhanced Learning Building, York U.

Religious Education: Teaching in Catholic Schools – Summer 2016
Registration is now open  
This course is intended to introduce pre-service Teacher Candidates to professional practice and to extend knowledge and skills in the delivery of Ontario Catholic curriculum. The course is 36 hours in length, fully online. Critical to the implementation of this course is the modeling of a positive learning environment that reflects care, professional knowledge, ethical practice, leadership and ongoing learning. This course answers the question, “What do I need to know to begin teaching in Ontario Catholic Schools?”

This Certificate course is open to Faculty of Education students in the consecutive or concurrent program who are in the final year of their program. This course is not equivalent to the Religious Education, Part 1 Additional Qualification.

Dates: July 4-31, 2016
Course Fee: $226.00

French As A Second Language Part 1 – Registration deadline: June 24, 2016
Ce programme offre une introduction à la théorie de l’acquisition d’une langue seconde et relie la théorie aux pratiques dans les écoles élémentaires et secondaires. Vous examinerez la motivation dans l’enseignement d’une langue seconde et l’importance des matériaux audio visuels. Remarque: les classes et les travaux de cours sont complétés en français

 Conditions préalables

  • Être inscrit à l’ Université York B.Ed. programme et avoir terminé la première année avec succès
  • Réussir un test de maîtrise de la langue française (Remarque: D’autres détails du test seront envoyés lors de l’inscription)

Dates/Times:  Monday-Thursday 9am – 4pm   July 4-19, 2016
Register Online:

Specialization in International Education

Follow International Education online: •

Criminal Background Check    ALL Teacher Candidates are required to hold a valid Criminal Background Check prior to entering placement.  This requirement is enforced by school boards who are safeguarding the children in their classrooms.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.   NO valid Criminal Background Check means NO PLACEMENT. 

Reminder about practicum placements: 
To access the information, please log on to the Practicum System  using your Passport York username and password.  Please do not call the practicum office to request this information.  It is also important to note that changes to school enrollments and staffing that occur in August and early September may necessitate changes to fall placement location.

New Graduates:
If you are interested in returning to complete a graduate degree, please consider returning to York! We offer Masters, Doctoral and Graduate Certificate programs.