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Student Services Newsletter – March

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Find out what’s happening in the Faculty of Education and York U.
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BEd TC’s select your Practicum preferences for FW 2017-18
Teacher Candidates in the 60.00 credit BEd program heading into ED 2 FW 2017-18 are required to log on to the Practicum Information Management System to select practicum preferences for the 2017-18 academic year. The online form, which is also accessible through the practicum login on the main education homepage, is available from Thursday February 17th to Friday, March 10th. Please ensure you log in prior to March 10, 2017.

Advising packages for ED 2 2017-18
The Students Services team are working on the FW 2017-18 Advising/Enrollment packages.  Once the packages are complete they  will be sent by email to all TC’s returning to the BEd program this September.  Included in the package will be the course schedule, Monday – Friday class schedule,  F/W Ed elective choices, ED 2 Practicum meeting (planned for Tuesday, September 5th), reminder to reapply for Police Record Check/VSS and any important dates for FW 2017 academic year.

Education Electives – SU 2017
The Faculty of Education will be offering ED elective courses over the summer (May, June and into July). The course list of electives is  posted on SharePoint- Student Information Portal/Undergraduate (under Announcements).

Priority is given to teacher candidates going into their Ed 3 year or completing their Ed 3 year before moving back to the UG for FW 2017 (candidates in the old 30.00 credit program).    Ed elective priority enrollment  will be as follows:

  1. ED 3 TC’s requiring an  elective for Fall 2017 or June 2018 graduation.
  2. Ryerson ECS/YU BEd  TC’s requiring an elective for their P/J certification.
  3. ED 1 Consecutive TC’s heading into ED2 wishing to lessen the course load for F/W 2017.
  4. BA Educational Studies students interested in an education elective to meet their BA elective requirements.
  5. ED 1 Concurrent TC’s heading back to their UG degree for F/W 2017 and wishing to enroll in elective.

Teacher Candidates may add their name to the elective wait list.  The wait list will be available end of March on SharePoint-Student Information Portal/Undergraduate.

Summer Enrolment Windows
ED 1 TC’s heading into ED 2 for F/W 2017 will be given a SU 2017 enrollment window.  The Registrar’s Office is creating an enrollment date for March 8th, 2017.

Realizing Indigenous Education: Learning From the Listening Stone Project
March 7, 2017 • 12:00 – 2:00pm • 280N York Lanes with Susan Dion (York University) & Debra Cormier (Ministry of Education)

The collective effort of Indigenous Educators is dedicated to work in service of creating an education worthy of our children and our ancestors. (Eber Hampton, 1995) Hampton, along with other critical Indigenous scholars (Smith, 2003; Battiste, 2013; Grande, 2004, 2015, Brayboy, 2006) argues there is no one answer to the challenges of decolonizing and Indigenizing education: there are core principles crucial to the provision of an education that serves Indigenous students, families and communities. In this talk drawing on the work of educators participating in the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Focused Collaborative Inquiry Initiative we investigate the ways in which educators across the province of Ontario are drawing on those core principles to transform Indigenous education

The Faculty of Environmental Studies presents:
Indigenous Environmental Justice the 2016-2017 FES Speaker Series

Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Supporting Indigenous Feminist Land/Body Defenders

Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Supporting Indigenous Feminist Land/Body Defenders Representatives from Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) will join us to speak about the Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies report and toolkit, which centers the experiences and resistance efforts of Indigenous women and young people
in order to expose and curtail the impact of extractive industries on their communities and lands.

Wednesday, March 22
1pm to 2:15pm
HNES 141
Click here to RSVP

Interested in applying to our Part-Time Graduate Program in Education (MEd)?
Visit the Faculty of Education Graduate Studies for more information: Deadline: March 8, 2017 (Part time).

2017 BEd Graduates – Apply to Ontario College of Teachers for your Membership registration
Teacher Candidates graduating in June 2017 will be applying to the Ontario College of Teachers to become a certified member. There are several steps TC’s will need to do to ensure there are no delays nominating BEd graduates after convocation.
1. Review the OCT application information at:
2. Apply for OCT membership: visit: select Members and then Create an Account. In order for the BEd Student Services Office to send your recommendation we require the 6 digit OCT registration number for each graduating teacher candidate.
3. Submit the 6 digit Ontario College Teachers (OCT) registration number by June 1, 2017 to the Faculty of Education. The online form is available through the Faculty of Education SharePoint Site at Log into Student SharePoint, select Undergraduate, then select OCT Registration Number Submission. This will require logging into Passport York.
4. Transcripts to OCT ~ Graduating BEd teacher candidates will need to make arrangements themselves to order all post-secondary transcripts to be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers. When ordering transcripts, please indicate that you wish for your York University transcript to be sent upon degree completion. Your transcripts must indicate your Bachelor of Education degree has been conferred. This means your transcripts should not be sent until after the June convocation. The Faculty of Education will only send your recommendation to OCT following convocation. Transcripts ordered by the student and the recommendation sent by the Faculty of Education are required for certification.
For more information, visit
OUAC transcript request:

June Convocation
Graduating BEd students should view the information on the university’s convocation Web site for details regarding the ceremony and diploma services at   Only Concurrent BEd students need to apply to graduate.  The deadline to apply online  was February 28, 2017.   After the 27th BEd students can still apply but are required to submit the request with a paper form.  Information is available at .  The Faculty of Education Keele campus convocation is on June 22, 2017. Information  can be found at
Attending June convocation ceremony: All graduating teacher candidates who are planning to attend the June Convocation must RSVP. Details will be posted on

Religious Education: Teaching in Catholic Schools Who should attend?
Any undergrad teacher candidate in the final year of the BEd and interested in preparing to teach in Catholic schools.
This course is intended to introduce pre-service Teacher Candidates to professional practice and to extend knowledge and skills in the delivery of Ontario Catholic curriculum. The course is 36 hours in length, fully online. Critical to the implementation of this course is the modeling of a positive learning environment that reflects care, professional knowledge, ethical practice, leadership and ongoing learning. This course answers the question, “What do I need to know to begin teaching in Ontario Catholic Schools?
Program Objectives:
• To promote an understanding of teaching as a vocation rooted in the call to the Christian ministry
• Create an awareness of the context of Ontario Catholic education
• Develop skills that enhance the integration of Catholic Graduate Expectations in the classroom and throughout the school
• Foster professional knowledge of Religious and Family Life Education Assist teachers in the acquisition of the theological background and skills necessary for the implementation of the Religious Education and Family Life curriculum.
This Certificate course is open to Faculty of Education students in the consecutive or concurrent program who are in the final year of their program. This course is not equivalent to the Religious Education, Part 1 Additional Qualification.
• 36 hours in length – fully online
• Available –Summer 2017
• A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion. To apply online, visit our registration page at:
• To Apply & Fees For actual dates, locations and session offerings, search from the list of available courses. Note: offered in Fall and Winter sessions only. Course Fee (+ HST): $200 + $26 HST = $226.00

Course offerings for New Grads: The Professional Learning office is pleased to announce that the Special Education Part 1 AQ for New Grads will be available in the ONLINE as well as the BLENDED format. The online format consists of 75 hours of online participation, 25 hours of self-directed professional learning and completion of a 25 hour independent study due July 31, 2017.

All New Grad courses start May 29, 2017. This spring we offer the following courses related to New Grad:

New Grad – Mathematics, Primary and Junior (P/J), Part 1
New Grad – Special Education, Part 1
New Grad – Teaching English Language Learners, Part 1

Registration is now open. For more details see:

Important Advisory: YorkU will forward recommendations for New Grad AQs by mid-August or early September by which time all graduating teachers must have paid their OCT registration and membership dues to be in good standing with the College. Any teacher who fails to pay their dues and is not a member in good standing with the College will NEVER be recommended for the AQ course taken in this session.

Updating your contact information: Please remember if you change your residential address or phone number(s) you should update this information through York U. Online Service: My Student Records and select Change My Profile at Its’ also encouraged to add a contact person in case of emergency.

Reminder: Good Housekeeping
Please note that classroom space is shared and we want to remind all students/faculty if eating in the classrooms to please remove garbage and put in the appropriate receptacles in the hallways.
By doing our part, we will help to keep our classrooms in a professional state.

Inclement Weather
Throughout the winter, in cases of inclement weather, the university will also post on its web site weather emergencies and university closures. For details, visit

Tax Forms
Information related to tax forms for income tax purposes can be found online at