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Student Services Newsletter – June 2017

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

York U. Summer Office Hours
Most offices and departments close at 3:00pm on Fridays in the month of June, July and August.

Advising packages for ED 2 2017-18
The Faculty of Education Students Services team sent out the ED 2 (Semester 3 and 4) Advising/Enrollment packages to student’s preferred email address on April 28, 2017.

Included in the package was the course schedule, Monday – Friday class schedule, F/W Ed elective choices, ED 2 Practicum meeting (planned for Tuesday, September 5th), reminder to reapply for Police Record Check/VSS and any important dates for FW 2017 academic year. Students can also access the packages through SharePoint. Go to select Current Students and then SharePoint. Log into SharePoint select Undergraduate and under AnnouncementsFW 2017-18 ED 2 Advising Packages. The packages are named by each teaching certification: PJ, JI, IS, CEC PJ, CEC JI and Tech Ed.

ENROLMENT WINDOWS: Students enrolling in ED 2 FW 2017-18 (Semester 3 and 4) have enrolment windows for June 8th, 2017 at 8:00 am.

F/W Education electives: Students wishing to enrol in an education elective that has met it’s max enrolment/registration may add their name to the elective wait list.   The wait list will be available the third week of June at, Students and then Undergraduate.

Priority is given to:
1. ED 3 TC’s requiring an elective for February 2018 or June 2018 graduation.
2. BA Educational Studies students interested in an education elective to meet their BA elective requirements.
3. TC’s heading into ED2 and really hoping to get into their preferred elective course.

REMINDER: 30.00 credit BEd Concurrent TC’s requesting to Waive Concurrency Regulation
Teacher Candidates are reminded that if completing the BEd program courses/program by June 2017 but will be enrolling in their last year of their undergraduate program in FW 2017-18 please submit the “Request to Waive Concurrency Regulation” online form. The form is available at Student Services Concurrent BEd Request to Waive Concurrency Regulation

BA Educational Studies Students
Educational Studies students who have completed firts year in the BA program and  enrolling in FW 2017-18 have a choice of four EDST courses. It’s recommended to enrol in a minimum of two courses from the offering list.

EDST 2200 Issues in Indigenous Education
EDST 2450 Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in Educational Contexts
EDST 2500 Cultural Representations of Education
EDST 3730 Education and Human Rights

Ineligible to Continue
Any BEd student who has an overall GPA less than C+ (5.00) in their undergraduate degree or receives a grade of less than C+ in any Education course or receives a F grade in practicum is ineligible to continue or graduate. To petition to be reinstated, students must submit an academic petition to 128 Winters College. Concurrent BEd students’ petitions will only be considered if their GPA in their undergraduate meets the minimum 5.00 requirement. To petition for retroactive withdrawal from an Education course or to repeat a failed practicum, the student should explain the failure, what went wrong and why this will not occur next time. If you have any supporting letters from your practicum mentor teacher or seminar leader, you should also include this with your academic petition. If there are any medical reasons, you should also have the Attending Physician’s Statement completed. This form is part of the complete petitions package which can be found on the web site for the Registrar’s Office

2017 BEd Graduates
Apply to Ontario College of Teachers for your Membership registration
Teacher Candidates graduating in June 2017 will be applying to the Ontario College of Teachers to become a certified member. There are several steps TC’s will need to do to ensure there are no delays nominating BEd graduates after convocation.

1. Review the OCT application information at:
2. Apply for OCT membership: visit: select Members and then Create an Account. In order for the BEd Student Services Office to send your recommendation we require the 6 digit OCT registration number for each graduating teacher candidate.
3. Submit the 6 digit Ontario College Teachers (OCT) registration number by June 16, 2017 (extended from June 1, 2017 deadline) to the Faculty of Education. The online form is available through the Faculty of Education SharePoint Site at Log into Student SharePoint, select Undergraduate, then select OCT Registration Number Submission. This will require logging into Passport York.
4. Transcripts to OCT: Graduating BEd teacher candidates will need to make arrangements themselves to order all post-secondary transcripts to be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers. When ordering transcripts, please indicate that you wish for your York University transcript to be sent upon degree completion. Your transcripts must indicate your Bachelor of Education degree has been conferred. This means your transcripts should not be sent until after June convocation. The Faculty of Education will only send your recommendation to OCT following convocation. Transcripts ordered by the student and the recommendation sent by the Faculty of Education are required for certification.
For more information, visit
OUAC transcript request:

Outstanding Fees  to York U and graduation:  Students who owe fees to York U. will not be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers.  Outstanding fees include:  tuition, parking and library fines.   Students may attend the convocation but the Registars Office may hold back the diploma after the ceremony.  Information on how to pay fees outstanding visit:  Visit for

June Convocation
Graduating BEd students should view the information on the university’s convocation Web site for details regarding the ceremony and diploma services at Only Concurrent BEd students need to apply to graduate. The Faculty of Education Keele campus convocation is on June 22, 2017. Information can be found at

Reminder about practicum placements: To access the information, please log into the Practicum System using your Passport York username and password. Please do not call the practicum office to request this information. It is also important to note that changes to school enrollments and staffing that occur in August and early September may necessitate changes to fall placement location.

New Graduates: If you are interested in returning to complete a graduate degree, please consider returning to York! We offer Masters, Doctoral and Graduate Certificate programs.

Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship Program 2017-18
Deadline: June 30, 2017
The College offers three scholarships of $2000.00 and will be awarded in 2017. Teacher candidates in Ontario consecutive and concurrent teacher education program who will graduate in 2018 are eligible to apply for the 2017-18 scholarships.

Three Awards:
1. Joseph W. Atkinson Scholarship for excellence in Teacher Education
2. Ontario College of Teachers Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate Scholarship
3. Ontario College of Teachers Intermediate/Senior Scholarship

The application period for the 2017-2018 scholarship program will open on March 1, 2017 and close on June 30, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Online Application Process Applications for the Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship Program are completed online. Features of the online application include:
• Secure login for applicants
• Application portal can be accessed multiple times before final submission
• Supporting documentation can now be submitted electronically
• Quick and easy application tool
• More information and application visit

Updating your contact information: Please remember if you change your residential address or phone number(s) you should update this information through York U. Online Service: My Student Records and select Change My Profile at Its’ also encouraged to add a contact person in case of emergency.